Indiana Pacers and Upland Brewing Announce Partnership

Jan 09 // 2023

INDIANAPOLIS – Two of Indiana’s most recognizable brands have entered into a new partnership, Pacers Sports & Entertainment and Indiana’s Upland Brewing Company announced today.

The partnership brings together two Hoosier companies whose fan bases extend across the country and beyond.

The chance to work together with a local company like Upland to further enhance a brand recognized well outside Indiana’s borders, is a big win-win for our two organizations.

Terry Tiernon, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for PS&E

“At Upland, we are committed to investing in the Indiana community,” said Patrick Roberts, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Upland Brewing Company. “The Pacers are as much a part of our identity as the foothills of Bloomington where we’ve been brewing our award-winning beers for 25 years. As we have been expanding across the state, we’re thrilled to connect the Upland name with the Indiana Pacers.”