Supplier Diversity Program

Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) recognizes the importance of diversity. We are committed to being a valuable member of the communities in which we live and operate. Providing diverse businesses an equitable opportunity to participate is an important part of that commitment.

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we are dedicated to including minority-owned (MBE), women-owned (WBE), Veteran-owned (VBE), LGBTQIA+ (LGBTBE), and Disability-owned (DOBE) (Defined as XBE’s) businesses when possible. Vendors that want to work with PS&E must demonstrate the ability to provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, reliable, and offer a high level of customer service.  

The PS&E Procurement Team will actively work to include diverse suppliers in every competitive bid, RFP and RFQ opportunity. We will annually evaluate our commitment to increase diverse supplier spend and set goals accordingly.  

By completing the form below, you will be adding your business to our diverse vendor registration database. PS&E Procurement will use this database (and others) as a resource when searching for diverse vendors for quoting opportunities within in PS&E.   

Please click below to submit your business information for our diverse supplier database.


For additional questions/inquiries about our program, please see our FAQ's below or contact We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

What is the PS&E Supplier Diversity Program?

PS&E is devoted to diversifying our supplier base to include Minority-owned (MBE), Women-owned (WBE), Veteran-owned (VBE), LGBTQIA+ (LGBTBE), and Disability-owned (DOBE) (Defined as XBE’s) when possible. Vendors that want to work with PS&E must demonstrate the ability to provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, reliable, and offer a high level of customer service. 

What if your business is NOT certified?

  • Certification is preferred but not required to register in the PS&E diverse supplier database. 

  • Please use the following certifying bodies to explore if certification is right for your business: 

Certifying Bodies and PS&E Partners  

Who is eligible to register for PS&E diverse supplier database?

XBEs defined as Minority-owned (MBE), Women-owned (WBE), Veteran-owned (VBE), LGBTQIA+ (LGBTBE), and Disability-owned (DOBE) businesses. 

What type of goods and services are procured by PS&E?

The following is a sampling of the types of items being procured by PS&E: 

  • Apparel 

  • Marketing & Advertising 

  • Audio / Visual 

  • Catering 

  • Event Décor 

  • Food & Beverage 

  • Hardware 

  • Software 

  • Merchandise 

  • Photographers 

  • Printing (Large Format) – Banners, Signs 

  • Printing (Small Format) – Invitations, Flyers 

  • Office & Cleaning Supplies 

  • Cleaning & Custodial Services 

  • Consulting Services 

How will vendors learn or be notified of quoting opportunities?

The PS&E team will contact vendors directly after searching the diverse vendor database and utilizing other resources to identify vendors in the marketplace that provide the desired products or services. 

I have submitted my registration. What are the next steps?

  • An email confirmation will be sent upon successful registration. If there are any questions regarding your registration, our team will reach out to you. 

  • Your company information will remain in our database and will be used for identifying potential diverse vendors when quoting opportunities arise at PS&E. 

  • If there appears to be opportunity, our buyers will reach out to you directly.