Kevin Smola

Kevin Smola.jpgKevin learned to draw by studying comic book characters as a kid and selling his drawings to neighbors and classmates. He graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a BS in Graphic Design, initially taking up painting before realizing design and illustration allowed him to express himself more freely. His design and illustration work draws from his own childhood experiences and the absurdities of daily life. His work often travels between personal, hand- drawn pieces to linear and refined executions, but all contain a hallmark of an artist at play. 


Art Piece

Location in Fieldhouse: Balcony

For the Love of High School Hoops, 2022


Smola FINAL_1.jpgWrite up of Piece: A backdrop of Indiana basketball-related symbols awaits anyone who wishes to take a selfie in the iconic fieldhouse venue. Available nowhere else, and custom-designed by illustrator Kevin Smola, this backdrop whimsically proclaims history, fandom, dedication, and the pure fun of the game.